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We invite you to the `Bio' section of Training Ways. We are extremely honoured to have this extensive experience in the team of presenters who have travelled nationally and internationally to support our training workshops.

We are grateful for this collaboration and generosity and we continue to believe in learning together, remaining interconnected globally.


Presenter profiles

MariSmallMari Caulfield
Mari Caulfield, Speech and Language Therapist and Trainer, Speech & Language Therapy Centre, Kilcolgan, Galway, Ireland. More

Martha Lee Adams
Martha Lee Adams, M.Ed; M.A., CCC-SLP, is an instructor-coordinator for the PROMPT Institute. Martha resides in Texas, USA.   More


Diane Bahr
Diane Bahr, MS, CCC-SLP, CIMI is a certified speech-language pathologist and infant massage instructor. USA  More


Sherri Cawn
Sherri Cawn, Speech and Language Pathologist, Co-Director of Cawn-Krantz Associates, Chicago, Illinois, USA  More


Trina Corry
Trina Corry, Clinical specialist, speech and language therapist  More

Gwendalyn Dring
Gwendalyn Dring, Speech and Language Therapist, Speech & Language Therapy Centre, Kilcolgan, Galway, Ireland  More


Dr. Barbara Kalmanson
Dr. Barbara Kalmanson, PhD, Clinical psychologist and Special Educator.   More


Áine Kelly
Áine Kelly, Speech and language therapist and Trainer with the SNA workshop programme of Training Ways  More


Dr Donald MacAskill
Dr Donald MacAskill AuD MSc BSc Audiological Scientist with over 20 years of Clinical Audiology experience.  More


Dr. Mary Massery
PT, DPT, Illinois USA
Training Course: “If you can’t breathe, you can’t function”  More


Tanya Mc Garry
Occupational Therapist;
Regional Placement Officer, University of Limerick, Ireland  More

Beth Osten
Beth Osten, Occupational Therapist, MS, OTR/L,  & Director, Beth Osten Associates Clinic, Chicago, Illinois USA  More

Michele Ricamato
Michele Ricamato is a speech and language pathologist, working in Chicago, USA and is also  a Founder & Director of a private school Soaring Eagle Academy More


Kathy Walmsley
Kathy Walmsley, Occupational Therapist, Director of Sensory Connections, Perth, Australia.  More



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